Who we are

AID SOCIAL is integrated by multidisciplinary professionals with wide/broad work experience in 3rd Sector, Social Work, training, technical advice and projects management at both national and international level. We also promote the enterprising culture as social economic development tool.

In 2005, we decide to group our work, our professional advice, our ideas, our efforts and our hope under initials AID SOCIAL.

AID SOCIAL is integrated by partners, associates and collaborators in Spain and Latin America and Africa, with broad experience in Cooperation, 3rd sector and social work, and with multidisciplinary professional profiles.

Actually, we have offices in Asturias, Galicia, Madrid, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador and Ecuador.

We offer some Advantages:

  • We main/define objectives and results to achieve.
  • We offer results to our clients with implanted methodology, tools, process and systems.
  • The intervention Planning is done under the expected results.
  • Presence in several countries.
  • Multidisciplinary teams.
  • Maximizing synergies.