AID SOCIAL makes and develops a training line (presence and/or virtual) in order to strength the people who work or like to work in sectors as social services or development cooperation.

The Aid Social's formative offer is accordance with the interest and profile of his students and clients. The courses are adapted to the clients' time according to their availability, expectations and knowledge field.

The Aid Social's courses have a relevant practice component, intercalating practice activities of real cases with the theory.

AID Social has his own virtual train platform.

In base our knowledge and experience, AID Social has divided his formative offer on five knowledge areas.

  • Project cycle management in Cooperation and Social Intervention Projects (under Logical Framework Approach or Results-based management)

    AID Social imparts training courses in identification, formulation, implementation and evaluation of cooperation and social intervention projects both presence and virtual and with different duration.
  • The Organizations and their planning

    We develop training actions in organizational strengthening of 3rd sector entities, covered from general aspects as Strategic Planning to specific aspects as fundraising, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), associative management or community work.
  • The Organizations Human Resources

    We support the organizations doing training related with the staff management, volunteer and management skills, Elaboration of Volunteering schemes or Elaboration of training schemes.
  • Cooperation and Education to Development Areas

    Within the Cooperation area, we develop specific training regarding the Education to Development and Awareness, participatory appraisal, gender, environment, microfinance and financing the EU projects.
  • Social Intervention, participation and community development

    We develop training actions related with the process of social exclusion, integration of immigrants, gender or older people and dependency.