AID SOCIAL develops and introduces/implements different actions focus in the improvement of regional, national or international social politics, programs and projects.

  • To design Prevention Plan of Corporative Crimes inside of Penal Responsibility Mark of Juridical People (Legal Compliance).

    The new modifications in Penal Code include juridical people as subject with penal responsibility.
    Through the evaluation of his flowchart, decision making methods and management process, we can establish the necessary actions adjusted to law and management ethic standards to guarantee that the organization/ entity answers properly to both requirements.
  • Evaluations and Project Cycle Management

    The properly Project cycle management and good evaluations practices are mechanisms to strengthen the effectiveness of the projects and enable the supported organizations/ entities, communities and people to achieve their shared objectives.
  • Development strategies and institutional strengthening

    Always there are possibilities to improve the management of each organization/ entity through the evaluation and the modification of his processes, make them more efficient. The action, improvement, development or institutional strengthening plans influence in the optimization of all organization/ entity sections as a whole system and facilitating the fulfilment of his mission and complete application of his principles.
  • Design of institutional communication actions

    The communication with all the stakeholders, especially with these priority sectors for his strategy, is an essential mainstay to get the objectives and mission of each organization/ entity.
    AID Social has people with wide development and established capacities in the elaboration and management communication actions for projects and entities.
  • Promotion and development the organization/ entity volunteer force

    The main value of social entities is their human capital. The volunteers are their identity, their visible face and who are behind the supported people and communities.
    The management and reinforce of both entity's voluntary and each volunteer in accordance with the valid guideline and more, is one of the sector that better provides to achieve the proposed objectives.
  • Implementation of Business Strategies of Enterprise Social Action

    To define and implement a business strategy in which the enterprise incorporates aspects related with the Corporate Social Responsibility in accordance with his mission through the development of pluri annual strategic plans that develop clearly the diffusion of the action's elements.
  • Services in the field of Older People and Dependency

    AID Social has an expert team in the development of Dependency projects with which pretends to incorporate the design and implementation of novel projects, the improvement and complement of the existing services, the Design of strategic actions and the Evaluation and Audit of programs and services.